Sunday, January 27, 2013

Operation: Organize the Kitchen

Yesterday Easton and I went over to our friends Whitney and Landon's house. She and I got to talking about meal planning and organizing. While I was their she inspired me to get more organized! (This is one of my resolutions this year) I have an organized/creative personality but I feel like a lot of times my house doesn't reflect that. So I tackled the kitchen today... I figured I'd take baby steps and do one room at a time.
I tried to organize them to where we could utilize them more than what we already were. Now I didn't take any "before" pictures only because I was super embarrassed at how they looked.
One one cabinet I have most of my electronics (crockpots, food saver, blender, George Foreman) and I also put Easton's snack bin down there too. The snack bin used to be on the counter but I would have to pick Easton up and let him stand on the counter to pick out a snack, so now he can get them himself much easier than before.
In cabinet 2 is pretty much like a pantry. It holds stuff like canned foods,drink mixes, noodles, sides, and baking stuff.
In cabinet 3 are my plates, bowls, cookbooks, and mixing bowls. This used to hold my storage containers and baking dishes.
In cabinet 4 are now my storage containers, baking dishes, toaster/convection oven, and lunch boxes.
In cabinet 5 are my glass drinking glasses and coffee mugs.
In cabinet 6 is our HUGE collection of plastic drinking cups... Don't judge;)

And last but not least a final pic of my clean and no longer cluttered countertops.

One room down... Lots more to go!

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