Friday, April 26, 2013

Easton's surgery: tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

Easton gets sick with strep throat or an upper respiratory infection about every month to month and a half... Finally after going to urgent care a good 10 times (since its an act of congress to get him in to see his pediatrician) the doctor referred us to an ENT. His suggestion was to remove tonsils and adenoids.
Wednesday April 24th was the big day and we woke up at 3:15am! That time should be illegal! We had to be at the hospital in Dothan at 5:30am. He made it through like a champ!
He has had surgery before but the anesthesia has never made him act crazy like it did this time. He was trying to rip out his iv and take off his blood pressure cuff screaming "help me!" Poor baby! He was just plain uncomfortable! After drinking a decent amount of juice and tee-teeing good we were able to go on home! Below are some pics from that day! We are on day 2 after surgery and he is still a little fretful, but with help of tylenol, antibiotics,Popsicles, yogurt, and applesauce we are making it through!