Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

Here are randoms pics from the I Phone...

Easton helping daddy get the grill ready for dinner...Whoa! Stand Back!
Easton trying out our new planter we bought at Lowe's. It is a Jack Daniels whisky barrell cut in half...and it really did still smell like whiskey! Pretty neat! We planted some strawberries in there:)
Easton's favorite new pasttime.... good lawd!
Poor daddy was sun burnt and E just had to decorate his back with Easter eggs! It was painful, can't you tell?
My Little man!
My mother in law gave us a couple of peices of furniture that she couldn't use anymore, and I LOVE the way that the table and chairs turned out in the kitchen. We had so much extra space and I have been wanting a new island...ahem, Charlie that's still on my wish list... but I thought this was such a nice change until then:)
The couch, love seat, and rug was also from my mother in law and it turned out pretty too!
Ridin' the four wheeler
(it's not a real it's battery powered)
Mason's playing ball this summer, so here's an action shot of him running!
We are trying the potty training, it's kind of hit or miss, but isn't he cute?!
He said "NO momma NO!" when I started taking pictures...
here's another shot of him on the four wheeler... he's such a stinker!

I am going to honestly try harder to blog more often so I can keep a "scrap book" of our lives, since i don't have any free time to do a real one:)