Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sick Baby!

Well Easton has had a bad cough and runny nose for a few days and hardly any appetite so yesterday we took a trip to our local urgent care office. After waiting a while in the waiting room, surrounded by hillbillies no less, the verdict was what i suspected. He has strep throat! Poor baby!

His favorite thing to do at the doctors office, besides standing on the scale and trying to run out of the door every time it opens, is to sit in the window seals! Easy to entertain... Also i took a pic this morning of his bed head haha!

On a side note when he isnt sick he is really into hugging people and saying "mmmm mmmm!" When he dies it! Such a sweetheart!

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Like Father Like Son

It melts my heart to see Easton look up to his daddy so much! He really eats up the time they have together. <3

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