Thursday, June 20, 2013

A peek into our Summer so far

Easton has started asking to "drive" once we get to our dirt road.... and being a daddy's boy he usually gets his way :) I guess you can never start too early! Besides down here in south Alabama most boys learn to drive in the cow pastures. ha! j/k... although it may be true in some cases :)

I beleive we may have a mini Eric Church on our hands! Between the entertainment we received while setting up for the annual Pike County Ducks Unlimited banquet, and the aviators...he's kind of got it down pat!

Also this Summer we have been fishing alot! I enjoy getting out on the boat with my boys relaxing, and E and daddy enjoy catching the fishies :) Last time we went we had a whole herd of cattle staring at us the whole time... I couldn't help but think about the Chick-Fil-A cows and how they would be proud that we were catching fish to eat instead of beef :) Also Charlie has been fishing in some tournaments lately and has had a great time doing so! He has met alot of new people and even made a few good friends in the process! Easton was so proud of daddy's catch!

We saw a gorgeous double rainbow after a nasty storm...

And last but not least meet the newest member of the Faircloth family, Dan! He is a dapple patterned miniture daschound! We debated on a name for a while and Dan was just a name we jokingly called him and it kind of stuck... It's kind of funny though b/c we call him "Dapper Dan" "Lt. Dan"....and the list goes on :)

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